Blaklez Hypes His 2015 Project, “A Broken Man’s Dream Album”

Blaklez Hypes His 2015 Projet, “A Broken Man’s Dream Album”

Blaklez Hypes His 2015 Project, “A Broken Man’s Dream Album”

Blaklez – “A Broken Man’s Dream 2015 Album, My Best Album”. Blaklez is a South African hiphop artiste, song writer and a music producer.

The singer a is a happy fellow who has been living up to his dreams, though like everyone, he once talked about a hard time.

Few yeas back, he opened up and talked his depression and his quest to enlighten people on mental illness.

This was because of his own struggles with depression, he further stated how the demise of his lovely mum left him in a very dark place.

Seven years back, the artiste’s mother died, and that was just months after he welcomed his first daughter to the world.

Though, he is said to be good now, he recently again talked about a past of his, this time not about his depression but about a success.

It evidently has been years since he shared A Broken Man’s Dream album, not long ago in an update, he confidently stated that the project is his best so far.

The declaration was made on Twitter, the hiphop singer talked about the criticism the project got upon it’s release in 2015.

As a matter of fact, Blaklez claimed that Slikour proclaimed the project as too dark.

He though decided to promote the album due to its influence in the world of South African hiphop industry.

He stated on Twitter; “This is my best album. The game gave me such a complex about it. ⁦@slikouron⁩ even told me I was too dark. Four years later it’s fashionable to rap about socially conscious issues. Mzansi ne.”

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