AmaSAP Releases A New Song Named Zehlaphezulu Umtalabho

AmaSAP – Zehlaphezulu Umtalabho

AmaSAP – Zehlaphezulu Umtalabho

AmaSAP – Zehlaphezulu Umtalabho : We have a new house song from one of our own AmaSAP, and the new track goes by the title Zehlaphezulu Umtalabho.

AmaSAP is a South African music band that is made up of three artistes, and the trio are known for putting up their musical works for free download.

The trio have been working hard through out their music career for some years now, and their musical work dates back to many year ago.

Since 2008, AmaSAP have been dishing out exclusives for their fans, and through our platform we have been aiding and supporting the artistes.

Though this is the first time we are featuring one of their songs on this website (because it was newly created), but our fans and the artistes fans will surely not underestimate the musical prowess of the artistes.

As we earlier stated, for years now, the trio has been consistently releasing new songs almost on a yearly basis, but today we have another track which they titled Zehlaphezulu Umtalabho.

The trio who are our friends and artistes are supposed to released a project which the called Iveve Part 2 very soon, so stay updated to catch up with the update.

You can check below to stream or download Zehlaphezulu Umtalabho in mp3 form as AmaSAP do not put up thier musical works for sale.

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Zehlaphezulu Umtalabho


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